10 Best Tokyo Revengers episodes

Everyone wants to know the 10 Best Tokyo Revengers episodes. Tokyo Revengers would explode in fashionability and win the” Anime Award” in 2021 at Twitter Japan’s Trend Awards. Below are the 10 Best ‘Tokyo Revengers’ episodes.

10 Best Tokyo Revengers episodes

10 Best Tokyo Revengers Episodes

1 ‘Revenge’

Season 1, Episode 12

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

This episode is the description of an emotional rollercoaster in every way. Remonstrating off the morning of the episode with the evidence that Takemichi succeeded in his thing granted a feeling of swoon suckers had been staying for the whole season. But as the situation only gets worse throughout the episode, effects flick from great to terrible incredibly presto. The discrepancy of beginning the episode by changing out that Hinata is alive, only to have her severely formerly more in front of Takemichi is nothing but heartbreaking and smelled observers into the series for the long haul.

2 ‘Rerise’

Season 1, Episode 10

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

Suckers online frequently consider this an episode that truly emotionally attached people to the series, acting as a zenith episode for the story. The episode is also considered to be a huge point in the suckers’ blessing of Takemichi, being one of the first occurrences where the character gets a chance to prove himself when taking down Masataka.

3 ‘A Cry Baby’

Season 1, Episode 24

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

The Tokyo Punishers Season 1 homestretch is packed to the brim with reasons to love the episode and represents the stylishness of what Season 1 was. But the thriller ending is what propped this episode up in favoritism for numerous. The nipping way Tetta tells Takemichi that he was his idol before pulling the detector was an incredibly shocking way to finish off the season, leaving everyone largely anticipating an alternate.

4 ‘Revolt’

Season 1, Episode 9

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

Flashing back Naoto’s claim about Draken’s death, Takemichi arrives at the parking lot where Draken is fated to die, chancing him facing off against Moebius each by himself. As Mikey arrives on the scene, Hanma reveals himself as the temporary leader of the Moebius gang. Amidst the battle, Takemichi tries to find Draken to keep Masataka from harming him, but he is too late as he finds Masataka standing over Draken bleeding out on the ground.

The reveal that Takemichi was too late to save Draken, ending the episode with his fate uncertain, ripped the hearts out of suckers far and wide, as Draken is a big addict. The each-out gang fight between Toman and Moebius was a spectacle to see and executed veritably well in both vitality and fight choreography.

5 ‘Brave Heart’

Season 3, Episode 10

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

This episode shows how strong Takemichi can truly be and serves as a wonderful inspiring moment in the series. Takemichi tends to get mixed events as the promoter of the series, but this episode brings him up to a whole new position. It’s ultimately revealed that Hinata revealed the sap to Mikey and Draken about Takemichi’s time-springing, which brought a huge twist to observers far and wide.

6 ‘Turn Around’

Season 1, Episode 19

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

This episode marks the first time observers would hear Hakkai’s voice in the series. On the content of voices, numerous suckers online stated that the voice acting for Draken was a huge highlight in this episode, specifically when the stakes and feelings. The episode spends a lot of time pressing Mikey and Draken, and they don’t fail whatsoever.

7 ‘Once Upon A Time’

Season 1, Episode 16

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

This episode was super important for the world- the structure of the series, establishing and revealing a lot of vital history between the five characters that head to Kanagawa. The development that Baji and Kazutora get from this episode. The episode specifically clears up a lot of questions suckers had about Baji’s backstory. As Baji and Kazutora are arrested, Kazutora says that he needs to kill Mikey, forerunning what is to come in the present day.

8 ‘One and Only’

Season 1, Episode 21

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

After defeating Hanma, Mikey attempts to beat Kazutora to death with his bare fists severely. Knowing that if Mikey kills Kazutora then, the future he is trying to help will come to pass, Takemichi realizes he must stop Mikey from murdering him. Meanwhile, Baji’s crack on Kazutora turns out to be worse than anticipated and, on top of that, he stabs himself to assure Kazutora that he’ll not be the reason he dies.

The death of Baji was authentically heartbreaking and fully unanticipated. His incredibly moving fidelity was truly stressed in his last moments and his tone-foisted death helped make way for Mikey to forgive Kazutora.

9 ‘Dead or Alive’

Season 1, Episode 20

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

The following events result in Baji taking on fifty members of the 3rd Division alone and Kazutora pecking him in reverse with a cutter.

What is noted about this episode is the astral voice acting from the Tokyo Revengers cast. The voice acting in this episode helps in amplifying the stakes, emotion, and maximum intensity of the events taking place.

10 ‘A Bad Hunch’

Season 3, Episode 5

10 Best 'Tokyo Revengers' episodes

Tokyo Revengers Season 3, Episode 5, A Bad Hunch features the brutal and dramatic death of Emma, which sparked an uproar in the addict base, both good and bad. This scene served as a great twist that shifted the course of the story for Season 3. The sound design in this scene is bone-chilling and provides a heartbreaking twist.

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To the utmost, the show’s quality comes from its compelling supporting cast of characters, engaging liars through its constant plot- twists, the heartache it can bring, and great voice acting from both sub and dub casts. Today also people are big fans of “Tokyo Ravengers’ episodes. Hope you understood the topic 10 Best ‘Tokyo Revengers’ episodes.


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