Top 15 Best Cillian Murphy Movies (2024)

Today Cillian Murphy needs no introduction. Due to Cillian Murphy movies, Cillian Murphy is known for his charming and excellent acting and has received praise from all over the world for his acting in TV shows and movies. He acted brilliantly in films like Inception, 28 Days Later, and A Quiet Place Part II.

Cillian Murphy


Cillian Murphy Movies

So for those who want to see the amazing acting of Cillian Murphy, we have collected some memorable films for you, you should watch them once.

15 ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’ (2003)

Girl With a Pearl Earring


The story of Girl with a Pearl Earring revolves around Grit (Scarlett Johansson), a young woman who becomes the muse of famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth). In this film, Murphy plays Peter, a butcher’s son, who is deeply in love with Griet and feels jealous of her relationship with Vermeer.

Throughout the film, Murphy showcases his talent and versatility as an actor, portraying Peter’s hidden affection for Grit and his jealousy of her relationship with Vermeer. If you appreciate stunning cinematography and deep exploration of human emotions, this film is a must-see. Girl with a Pearl Earring is a low-rated romantic film based on the novel of the same name by Tracy Chevalier.

14 ‘The Delinquent Season’ (2018)

The Delinquent Season


The Delinquent Season, a romantic drama from Ireland, explores the complexities of two troubled relationships, one of which involves the character Jim (played by Murphy). Directed by Mark O’Rowe, this 2018 film delves into Jim’s emotionally charged journey as his extramarital affair is exposed, resulting in consequences not only for his marriage but also for his other personal connections.

Murphy delivers a powerful performance, portraying a man grappling with his mistakes and effortlessly leading this character-focused movie. While The Delinquent Season may be a more subdued addition to Cillian Murphy’s filmography, it showcases the actor’s versatility and his ability to excel in intimate character studies.

13 ‘Sunshine’ (2007)



In Sunshine, Cillian Murphy takes on yet another captivating role as a man grappling with the immense power of a colossal bomb. Set in the year 2057, the film follows a brave group of astronauts who embark on a perilous mission to revive the fading sun.

12 ‘On the Edge’ (2001)

On the Edge


On the Edge, John Carney’s first film as a solo director is a dramedy that explores the serious mental health issues young people face. One of the main characters, Jonathan Breech, played by Murphy, is depicted as someone who has attempted suicide and is now in a mental health facility in Dublin.

The movie, released in 2001, focuses on the connections Jonathan forms during his time there, which unexpectedly give him a new perspective on life. Despite its relative obscurity, the film is worth watching for fans of Murphy, as he delivers a powerful performance that captures both vulnerability and a gradual transformation from despair to hope.

11 ‘Red Eye’ (2005)

Red Eye


The film Red Eye, released in 2005 and directed by Wes Craven, is a thrilling masterpiece. It revolves around the protagonist, Lisa Reisbert (played by Rachel McAdams), who finds herself in a perilous situation during a red-eye flight. Her co-passenger, Jackson Rippner (portrayed by Cillian Murphy), reveals himself as an assassin and blackmails Lisa into assisting him with a sinister assassination plot.

Join Lisa on her journey as she valiantly attempts to foil Jackson’s nefarious scheme and save her beloved father. Cillian Murphy’s performance in the movie is exceptional, as he skillfully portrays the intricate layers of his character’s inner turmoil. This film is an absolute must-watch, especially for fans of Cillian Murphy.

10 ’28 Days Later’ (2002)

28 Days Later


In 28 Days Later, Cillian Murphy plays Jim, a bicycle courier who wakes up from a coma to find that most people have been infected by a deadly virus and have turned into zombies. Then Murphy, along with the survivors of the virus, confronts the people turned into zombies. And faces the horrors of the virus firsthand.

Those who like watching zombie films should watch this film and this film will not disappoint you.

9 ‘Free Fire’ (2016)

Free Fire


Set in 1970s Boston, this dark comedy film turns twisted when a black market weapons deal goes awry. Cillian Murphy shines as Chris, the buyer, in this ensemble cast. Packed with intense shoot-outs, thrilling moments, and a fair share of violence, this movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, the infusion of comedy adds a unique charm that could attract a wider range of viewers. While the film’s mix of genres may explain its average Rotten Tomatoes score, Murphy’s standout performance, alongside the talented cast, remains a highlight in an otherwise ordinary contribution to the action-comedy genre.

8 ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ (2021)

A Quiet Place Part II


A Quiet Place Part II, helmed by John Krasinski, serves as the second installment in a thrilling sci-fi franchise centered around savage creatures with an acute sense of hearing that have conquered the planet.

Emmett, portrayed by Murphy, emerges as a lone survivor amidst this chaos. As fate would have it, he crosses paths with the Abbott family, with whom he shares a history. In a selfless act, he pledges to assist them in locating a haven to call home.

7 ‘The Party’ (2017)

The Party


Sally Potter’s The Party provides Murphy with yet another chance to delve into the realm of comedy. As a woman organizes a celebration for her recent job promotion, tensions rise and chaos ensues, turning the gathering into a complete disaster. Cillian Murphy stands out among the talented ensemble cast, adding to the film’s allure.

This comedic masterpiece not only entertains but also serves as a thought-provoking social commentary. It skillfully portrays the diverse reactions of individuals when compelled to come together in large groups. However, some critics may argue that the concept lacks originality, potentially hindering it from receiving a higher rating, despite its impeccable execution.

6 ‘Batman Begins’ (2005)

Batman Begins


Christopher Nolan directed Batman Begins, in which Murphy portrays the infamous enemy of the anti-hero, Scarecrow. While the film primarily focuses on the conflict between Batman (Christian Bale) and Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson), Murphy’s portrayal of the secondary villain is impactful enough to establish him as a significant presence in the movie.

Murphy’s depiction of Scarecrow is truly outstanding, as he convincingly embodies the character’s stoicism and manipulates the fears of others, only to experience his fears in return. His performance as Scarecrow is remarkable and a testament to his acting talent.

5 ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ (2006)

The Wind that Shakes the Barley


The Wind That Shakes the Barley is a historical war/drama film directed by Ken Loach. Damian O’Donovan (Cillian Murphy) and Teddy O’Donovan (Padraic Delaney) follow two brothers who find themselves on opposing sides during the Irish War of Independence. Cillian did phenomenal work in this film.

The film also won the Palme d’Or at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival for its incredible story and powerful message.

4 ‘Dunkirk’ (2017)



Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is a gripping historical war thriller that portrays the evacuation of World War II. In this intense film, thousands of troops are saved by naval and civilian vessels. In a minor yet pivotal role, Murphy brilliantly portrays the “Shivering Soldier,” a survivor perched on a capsized ship.

When a private boat attempts to rescue more soldiers by sailing back towards the beach, the soldier’s reaction is bone-chilling. Murphy’s performance effectively conveys the character’s traumatic experiences and his vehement opposition to returning to the horrors he has endured. Without explicitly revealing the soldier’s backstory, his violent response speaks volumes about the depths of his suffering.

3 ‘Inception’ (2010)



Christopher Nolan is the director of the 2010 science-fiction thriller Inception. It follows the narrative of Dom Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) and his gathering, invading, and establishing a thought into the brain of Robert Fischer through a cycle called “beginning.” At first glance, Fischer appears to be an overwhelmed heir to a business empire. However, as the film progresses through the process, they discover Fischer to be a formidable foe.

Beginning adopts an alternate strategy toward clear dreaming, which makes for truly a scene on the big screen. Murphy’s presentation in the film as the appalling and complex enemy made numerous watchers hail him as one of the most outstanding entertainers of his age.

2 ‘Peaky Blinders’ (2013)

Peaky Blinders


A Remarkable Television Success Taking place in Birmingham, England, Peaky Blinders, the British crime drama, depicts the escapades of the Peaky Blinders, a ruthless criminal gang that emerged in the aftermath of World War I. In his most renowned portrayal, Murphy embodies the role of Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, the gang’s leader, who possesses both charm and a quick temper, while also grappling with PTSD.

Tommy’s distinctive appearance, characterized by his flat-cap hat and undercut hairstyle, has captivated audiences and served as a source of inspiration for many fans of the show. This enduring popularity can largely be attributed to Murphy’s captivating and dedicated performance, which has garnered him widespread critical acclaim and numerous awards. Available for streaming on Netflix.

1 ‘Oppenheimer’ (2023)



Nolan is known for his excellent films; his best work can be seen in his new film ‘Oppenheimer’. Murphy played the historical figure J. Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist, in the film, Who Leads the Manhattan Project. The epic film chronicles his life and work, including his struggles in the academy, his path to earning his reputation as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”, and ultimately the political disturbances that haunted him for the rest of his days.

Despite the challenge, he surpasses expectations by skillfully portraying the physicist’s intricate nature, his internal ethical dilemmas, and the subsequent burden of guilt. This remarkable performance intricately weaves together every gaze, gesture, and intonation, purposefully and flawlessly selected to provide the audience with a profound insight into the true essence of the man responsible for the creation of the bomb.

Murphy received the title of 81st Golden Globe Best Male Actor in a Film – drama for this role. Robert Downey Jr received the Best Supporting Male Actor in a Film, 81st Golden Globe Awards for this film.

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