7 Best Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows

Here are Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows. The rising star and beautiful growing actress from the British Film Industry is none other than Synnove Karlsen.  Although she hasn’t been in a lot of movies and TV shows right now, she has managed to leave the best of her impressions in the eyes of the audience. Her filmography is mainly focused on TV shows and series rather than movies.

Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows

Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows

Synnove Karlsen is best known for her role as Clarice Orsini in the historical TV series Medici and also for playing the character of Holly McStay in the BBC thriller series Clique.  

Let’s witness some thriving talent and hard work by delving into the acting life of Synnove Karlsen. We present to you the Best of Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV shows.

Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows

7. Dead Birds (2018)

  • Director: Johnny Kenton
  • Duration: 34 minutes
  • Cast: Shannon Tarbet, Tara Fitzgerald, Luke Newberry, Synnove Karlsen 
  • Type: Comedy, drama, short film

This dramedy short film shows the life of a failed teenage badminton player at a Catholic Girls’ School. Things take a darkly comic turn when she is visited by a Saint who agrees to help her get back on track if she completes 3 tasks for him. This short film explores the themes of a competitive mother-daughter relationship, dark comedy, religion, loss, and willpower.

The film was nominated for 5 awards and it won 4 out of them including- Best International Short Film (Fantasia Film Festival 2020), Student Jury Prize and Audience Award (Poitiers Film Festival 2018), Best Short Film (Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival 2019) and was nominated for Student Academy Award, USA (2018). The film has an IMDB rating of 4.5/10. It ranks 7th in “11 Best Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV shows”.

  • Where to watch: Browse film Festival Websites, VOD platforms

6. V (2017)

  • Director: Jimmy Dean
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Cast: Synnove Karlsen, Jonathan Nyati
  • Type: Horror, short film

This short horror film is one of the first art pieces in which Synnove Karlsen acted and gracefully showed her talent. The 10-minute plot is all about a 16-year-old vampire who is thinking of reconsidering her past relationships.

Karlsen can be seen in the role of the female lead protagonist of the film. This short film has a solid rating of 6.5/10 as per IMDB. The film also won the BFI Future Film Festival Award for the “New Talent” category in the year 2018. It ranks 6th in this article.

  • Where to watch: Browse on Film Festival Websites, VOD platforms

5. Last Night in Soho (2021)

  • Director: Edgar Wright
  • Duration: 116 minutes
  • Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, Matt Smith, Synnove Karlsen 
  • Type: Psychological, Horror

This psychological horror was a super hit on its release. The story is based on an aspiring fashion designer, Eloise. Mysteriously, Eloise has the power to somehow travel back to the 1960s. There she encounters a gleaming wannabe singer, Sandie. As this process continues, the story keeps getting darker and the scars of the past take over the present.

This movie has won 24 awards and has been nominated 76 times, including 2 BAFTAs. It has an IMDB rating of 7.0/10. The movie ranks 5th in the list of “11 best Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV shows”.

  • Where to watch: Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, VOD platforms

4. Bodies (2023)

  • Director: Sarah Proudman
  • Duration: 8 episodes (Miniseries)
  • Cast:  Fiona Shaw, Stephen Manga, Synnove Karlsen, 
  • Type: Crime, drama, history, mystery

The movie begins with a police detective investigating a series of murders related to a forensic science laboratory but later on, evolves into something more mysterious and chaotic. To sum up, the story later portrays four detectives in four different periods of London finding themselves seeking out and investigating the same murder.

The movie has received two nominations and it has an IMDB rating of 7.3/10. It occupies the 4th spot in this article.

  • Where to watch: Netflix, VOD platforms

3. The Midwich Cuckoos (2022)

  • Director: David Farr
  • Duration: 7 episodes (Miniseries)
  • Cast: Keeley Hawes, Max Beasley, Synnove Karlsen
  • Type: Sci-fi, drama, horror, mystery

This unsettling and mystery series was another hit in Synnove’s career. The mysterious plot revolves around a small village in England where an alien presence makes its reign for an entire day. Surprisingly, the next morning, all the women of the town seem to be pregnant. The show has an IMDB rating of 6.6/10 and has received one award nomination. It ranks 3rd in this article.

  • Where to watch: VOD platforms

2. Medici (2018-2019)

  • Director: Various
  • Duration: 3 seasons, 16 episodes
  • Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Richard Madden, Synnove Karlsen 
  • Type: History, biography, drama

This historical political family drama revolves is set in the early 15th century in Florence. The story progresses with the rise of the wealthy Medici family during the Renaissance.

The show has been nominated 5 times, out of which it won 4 awards. It has an IMDB rating of 7.9/10. It occupies the 2nd spot in “11 best Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows”.

  • Where to watch: Netflix, VOD platforms

1. Clique (2017-2018)

  • Director: Various
  • Duration: 2 seasons, 12 episodes
  • Cast: Synnove Karlsen, Sophia Brown, Aimee-Ffion Edwards 
  • Type: Drama, thriller

This TV show is about a university student who is investigating a sudden and mysterious death in an elite and exclusive group. Synnove Karlsen plays the role of the leading female protagonist, Holly, in this series and she has outdone herself. Her graceful portrayal of themes of understanding, jealousy, and change is remarkable.

The show has a solid IMDB rating of 6.9/10. It has shown the true nature of talent that Synnove possesses and hence, ranks 1st in this list of “11 Best Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV Shows”.

  •  Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, VOD platforms

It’s been obvious from this article that Synnove Karlsen’s acting career has just begun and with the pace it’s going currently, she’s going to be unstoppable and truly remarkable. Her deep connection with the characters that she plays makes this all the more relatable for the public and ultimately, she steals everyone’s hearts.

Even if you’re not familiar with Synnove Karlsen and her work, hop on to this journey and find out yourself about the kind of talent and beauty she has. Follow up with this article and binge-watch Synnove Karlsen Movies and TV shows, right now!


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