Top 8 Movies of Tristán Ulloa (2024)

Tristán Ulloa is the all-rounder of the entertainment industry. He is an extraordinarily talented and versatile actor who has rapidly gained fame in the entertainment industry. 

Tristán Ulloa


Biography Tristán Ulloa was born on 6th May 1970 in France. He is a Spanish actor, writer, and director. He followed his love for acting from childhood and began acting in his teenage years, participating in local theatre, productions, and dramas. His talent wasn’t ignored and soon got huge appreciation for his eye-catching performances on stage.

 He started his acting career in roles in the film “Mensaka” in 1998, rewind in 1999, and fantasy in 1999. After this success, he received offers for more roles in movies and television. Continuing his expert acting skills he showed his ability as an actor by playing different roles in different genres.

Filmography – Tristán Ulloa’s filmography is filled with an impressive range of movies each showing his passion and dedication to his work. Following are some of his most loved films. Here we will be discussing his biography and filmography, knowing about his journey to success and his contribution to the world of entertainment.

Tristán Ulloa films

1 ‘The Nameless’ (1999)

The Nameless


  • Directed by– Jaume Balaguero
  • Duration –  1h 42 min
  • Type– horror/mystery
  • Cast-Tristán Ulloa, Emma Vilarasau

It is a Spanish horror film which is based on the 1981 novel book of the same name written by Ramsey Campbell. The story revolves around the mutilated body of a 6-year-old girl found in a water hole. That girl was identified as the music daughter of Claudia.

The two things that were used to identify her were her bracelet with her name on it near the crime scene and the fact that her right leg was 3 cm longer than her left leg. After 5 years Claudia is now addicted to tranquilizers and receives a phone call from someone claiming that she is her daughter asking for her mother to come find him before “they” kill her.

2 After’ (2009)



  • Directed by Alberto Rodriguez  
  • Duration– 1h 56 min
  • Cast– Tristán Ulloa, Guillermo Toledo, Blanca Romero, Jesus Carroza
  • Type– drama crime

This movie revolves around three friends Julio, Manuel and Ana. With their Peter Pan syndrome in their Forties, with their life full of loneliness and dissatisfaction, they decide to meet up and enjoy all night with alcohol and drugs.

3 Salvador’ (2006)



  • Directed by– Manuel Huerga
  • Duration– 2h 14 min
  • Cast– Tristán Ulloa,Daniel Brühl, Leonardo Sbaraglia
  • Type – thriller/drama

This is 2006 starring Daniel Brühl as Salvador Puig Antich is based on the book Compte enrere is the story of a bank robber who is executed by Francisco France. Therefore France undergoes democratic changes.

4 Terminator: Dark Fate’ (2019)

Terminator: Dark Fate


  • Directed by Tim Miller
  • Duration– 2h 8 min
  • Cast– Tristán Ulloa,Linda Hamilton,  Arnold Schwarzenegger,Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis 
  • Type– Action/sci-fi 

This is the American action science fair which is the 6th instalment of The Terminator franchise and the direct sequel of Terminator 2. Stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Sarah- Connor and Terminator T-800.

This film reunites the actor after 23 years. This movie is 25 years after the story of Terminator 2. Dani Ramos comes into action with the murderer’s plan Against humankind supported by the machines from the future. Continuing the story from 2014 fearless protector Hero arrived in the story.

5 Mensaka’ (1998)



  • Directed by– Salvador Gracia Ruiz
  • Duration – 1h 45min
  • Cast-Tristán Ulloa, Adria collado, Laia Marull, Maria Esteve
  • Type–  Drama

The stories are about a young group of people belonging to different social groups who live peacefully and share a close bond. However, it tracks the relationship between Fran and David with their girlfriend Natalia and Bea. Things go dramatic when Laura, Javi’s little sister has formed a drug gang and deals drugs and enters into their life.

6 Mataharis’ (2007)



  • Directed by–  Icíar Bollaín
  • Duration– 1h 40min
  • Cast– Tristán Ulloa, Nuria González 
  • Type– Comedy/drama

A private detective infiltrates the employee at a multinational corporation and she gets to the heart of the company but during her investigation, she is stuck between difficult emotional and ethical decisions. Further, Eva came back from her maternity leave and is juggling work and family obligations when she comes to know that her partner is hiding something fundamental to their future as a couple.

In this movie, all three have to cross the thin line dividing public and private matters solving their issues to solve more professional cases.

7 Stoyan’ (2021)

  • Directed by– Roberto Ruiz Céspedes
  • Duration– 1h 46m
  • Cast– Tristán Ulloa, Marta Milans, Belen Rueda, Nicholas Coronado 
  • Type- horror action

The movie is about a mother named Maika who lost her son Sotyan. Where in the same City the body of young women has been strangled. Israel is the detective and is investigating this case. Further, Events are United by the enormous power of society to save humanity from ignorance and attachment to the past.

8 ‘Berlin’ (2023)



Berlin is the prequel to the Money Heist drama series that took the world of heist movies by storm in 2017.

Damián, portrayed by Tristán Ulloa, is a multifaceted individual in Berlin. Not only is he a respected university professor, but he also possesses a cunning mind as a criminal mastermind on Berlin’s team. Damián leads a dual existence as both a professor and a criminal mastermind. Similar to other brilliant individuals, he occasionally displays absent-mindedness.

Consequently, there is a risk of his two lives intersecting. Berlin perceives Damián as a confidant with whom he can discuss his personal experiences.

While Damián attempts to advise Berlin on matters of the heart, he cautions him against pursuing Camille, the wife of their target, as it would complicate their mission.

Tristán Ulloa


Conclusion -. Tristán Ulloa from his early training to his up-to-date performance every time he has given his best and contributed to impressive filmography. He continued his journey from childhood to the actor; actor to director and then a writer. He has not given a single type of movie but he has acted in multi-type movies like comedy, action, drama, horror, mystery, etc. Hence, there is no doubt why he is called the all-rounder of the entertainment industry. Tristán Ulloa is a very versatile and great actor whose passion, talent, and dedication have reached great heights in the entertainment industry.

Besides acting he actively participates in charitable organizations to raise awareness and positive influence on the importance of increasing social issues. He is so serious about promoting education and opportunities for unprivileged children to achieve their dreams. As his acting career continues to grow he remains focused on challenging himself by exploring New challenges. His dedication and passion for acting have given him a big reputation as a rising star in the industry.

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