Top 10 Evan Peters movies (2024)

Evan Peters is a rising star in the entertainment industry here are the Top 10 Evan Peters movies. Evan Peters has entertained us by giving his soulful and extremely talented performances by acting in different roles and entertaining us. Evan Thomas Peters was born on 20 January 1987. He is an American actor. He has great acting skills and has given the entertainment industry great movies. Here are some of his top 10 movies.

Evan Peters movies

Evan Peters movies

 1 ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ (2016)

X-Men: Apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse

The movie is set in 3600 BCE where the mutant En Sabah Nur is believed to be the world’s first mutant  And he was worshipped as god. He was awakened in 1983 and sees how the world had changed in his absence sorry decides to bring the apocalypse into the world and appoint 4 powerful mutants to assist him in the destruction of the world. Now to save the world there is only one chance that depends upon the professor Charles Xavier and the team of young mutants. This movie is the most popular of the top 10 Evan Peters movies.

  • Directed by Bryan Singer 
  • Duration – 2h 24 min
  • Cast– Evan Peters, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender 
  • Type– Action/ adventure 

 2 ‘Kick-Ass’ (2010)


The movie is about Dave Lizewski, an unnoticed high school boy. He is a huge comic book fan. Inspired by the fictional story characters, with some of his friends he decided to become a superhero. But he has no powers, no training, no experience, and most importantly no reason to do so. He joins the team of a father and daughter but soon the scheming monster puts him to the test.

  • Directed by Matthew Vaughn  
  • Duration– 1h 57min
  • Cast– Evan Peters,Aaron Taylor, Chloë Mortez, Christopher Mintz-Plasse 
  • Type– Action/ Comedy 

 3 ‘Never back down’ (2008)

Never back down
Never back down

The movie is about Jake (Sean Francis) who moves to Orlando with his mother and brother. When he joins the school he feels like an outsider and frequently gets temper out of his control. Birthday wants to adapt to the environment and fit in it so he decided to go to a party with his classmate Baja. There he is bullied badly and is pushed into a fight and humiliated. There another classmate watches all these and encourages Jake to visit a martial art trainer Jean Roqua.

  • Directed by Jeff Wadlow
  • Duration– 1h 50min
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Sean Francis, Amber Heard, Cam Gigandet 
  • Type– Action/sport

4  ‘Wish’ (2023)


The story starts with King Magnifico and his wife Queen Amaya who established the kingdom of Rosas on an island in a meridian sea. The movie is about 17-year-old girl Asha who prepares for an interview for a job for Magnifico’s apprentice grandfather’s 100th birthday. The king can grant the greatest desires of a subject: each of them gives up the memory of their wishes to be stolen and protected by the king until he can grant them. The interview goes well until Asha requests for Sabino’s wish to be granted which he declines.

  • Directed by – Chris Buck
  • Duration – 1h 35min 
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk
  • Type– Fantasy/musical.

 5  ‘Sleepover’ (2004)

Sleepover (2004)

The movie starts in the summer when it is the last day of 8th grade before the new year in high school starts. Julie has a party with three best friends and they have a good time together. But unfortunately, Julius’ mom has three rules for the party. The first rule was that they don’t leave the house but Julie and her friends don’t let things happen according to their parental authority and they sneak out of the house, steal cars, and snatch cute boys’ boxer shorts. Things might be a different experience because it’s Julie’s sleepover and anything is possible.

  • Directed by Joe Nussbaum
  • Duration– 1h 29 min
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem, Jane Lynch
  • Type– Teen comedy 

6  ‘American Animals’ (2018)

American Animals
American Animals

This is a crime drama movie about four young bright and well-off college students. They Plot to steal some real Books from the university’s library in the special collection. The story is frequently between interviews and real people. Based on the story The film interviews the students who attempted a heist.

  • Directed by Bart Layton
  • Duration– 1h 56 min
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner 
  • Type–  Crime/ thriller 

7  ‘An American crime’ (2007)

An American crime (2007)
An American Crime

This movie is based on the true story that exclaimed the nation in 1965. The film reflects the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. Gertrude Baniszewski is a divorced mother of two daughters. She had two daughters Sylvia and Jennie and she agreed to take care of them. Her elder daughter is a troublemaker but she puts all her frustration on her innocent daughter Sylyia. This is the story of a housewife who kept her teenage girl locked in the basement of her Indiana home in 1960. This is the true story of the torture and the murder of Sylyia.

  • Directed by Tommy O’Haver
  • Duration– 1h 38 min 
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Elliot Page, Catherine Keener, Kevin Turen
  • Type– crime / Drama 

8  ‘The Good Doctor’ (2011)

The Good Doctor (2011)
The Good Doctor

This is one of the best of the top 10 Evan Peters movies. This movie is about Dr Martin Blake who spent all of his life searching for respect. Dr meets an 18-year-old girl named Daine. She is suffering from a kidney infection and she is much needed to boost self-esteem. Dr helps her and however when she starts improving Martin years to lose her. So he begins tampering with her treatment also. keeping her sick and in the hospital right in front of him.

  • Directed by Lance Daly
  • Duration– 1h 33 min 
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Michel Pēna
  • Type– Thriller/Comedy 

9  ‘Safelight’ (2015)

Safelight (2015)

The movie takes place in a high school where a high school student tries to help a troubled runaway escape from the clutches of her psychotic pimp.

  • Directed by Tony Aloupis
  • Duration – 1h 24 min 
  • Cast- Evan Peters, Juno Temple, Christine Lathi
  • Type- drama/romance

10  ‘The list’ (2011)

The movie is initiated between a mother and daughter who are discussing their relatives who are good for nothing and whose money travels have brought them to the seaside town of Mohang. And for now, they have nothing to do but they have to wait for the woman to compose a list of goals for her involuntary vacation.

  • Directed by Katt Shea
  • Duration– 1h 50m
  • Cast– Evan Peters, Haley Bennett, Louis Gossett, Stephen Ford 
  • Type– drama 

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