Christopher Nolan Movies in Order (All 12 movies)

Christopher Nolan Movies in Order- Christopher Nolan is a British-American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Christopher Nolan is known as one of the most respected and well-known directors in the field of film. Nolan has directed 12 films so far. His recently released film is Oppenheimer (2023), which is considered to be his best film direction till date. Nolan also received the 81st Golden Globe 2024 Best Director Award for this film. Oppenheimer Film also received awards for Best Drama Film, Best Actor in Film, Best Supporting Actor in Film, and Best Original Score in Film at the 81st Golden Globes 2024.

Christopher Nolan Movies in Order

Christopher Nolan Movies in Order

Many film viewers say that Nolan’s films are incomprehensible but this is the special thing about them. His films manage to marry mainstream appeal and action with complexities in form and editing, without alienating his audiences, and that’s seen him go from success to success.

Nolan’s journey as a film director started with Following (1998) and his journey till Oppenheimer (2023) was very special. This includes his Dark Knight Trilogy, Dunkirk, and Interstellar, most of which are known for their unique storylines, cinematography, and star-studded casts.

1  ‘Following’ (1998)

In 1998, Christopher Nolan crafted an independent neo-noir crime thriller that captivated audiences. This gripping tale revolves around a young man who becomes entangled in the dark underbelly of London’s criminal world after his attempts to maintain a safe distance from strangers go awry. Nolan’s masterful work encompasses the roles of writer, producer, editor, and director, showcasing his multifaceted talent.


This was Nolan’s first film, this film had to be made with minimal budget. Unable to purchase expensive professional lighting equipment, Nolan mostly used available light.

Cast- Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw, Lucy Russell

2  ‘Memento’ (2000)

Christopher Nolan’s Memento, released in 2000, is a captivating American neo-noir mystery psychological thriller.


The storyline revolves around Leonard Shelby (played by Pearce), a character afflicted with anterograde amnesia, which hinders his ability to retain short-term memories and form new ones. In his quest to unveil the identity of the person responsible for his condition, Leonard relies on an intricate combination of photographs, handwritten notes, and tattoos.

Additionally, it proved to be a lucrative venture, raking in $40 million in revenue while only costing $9 million to produce. Moreover, it garnered a dedicated fan base, establishing itself as a cult classic.

Cast- Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

3  ‘Insomnia’ (2002)

Insomnia, directed by Christopher Nolan, is a gripping psychological thriller released in 2002. It is an American remake of the Norwegian film from 1997, sharing the same title.


The story revolves around two homicide detectives from Los Angeles who find themselves in Nightmute, Alaska, investigating the brutal murder of a teenage girl. As the plot unfolds, the killer becomes a witness to an unintended shooting carried out by one of the detectives. To evade prosecution, a cunning plan is devised by both parties to protect themselves.

Nolan’s Insomnia marked his final film to secure an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America until Oppenheimer’s debut in 2023.

Cast- Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Maura Tiemey

4  ‘Batman Begins’ (2005)

Christopher Nolan directed Batman Begins, a superhero film released in 2005. Nolan also wrote the screenplay for the movie.

Batman Begins
Batman Begins

This installment serves as a reboot for the Batman film series, focusing on the origin story of Bruce Wayne. It delves into his transformation from a grieving son, following the tragic death of his parents, to his evolution as the iconic superhero, Batman. The film follows Wayne’s relentless pursuit to thwart the plans of Ra’s al Ghul and the Scarecrow, who aim to bring chaos to Gotham City.

Batman Begins holds a prominent place among the most influential films of the 2000s.

Cast- Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes

5  ‘The Prestige’ (2006)

The Prestige, directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Nolan and his brother Jonathan, stands out as Nolan’s visually stunning masterpiece. Unlike his other films, this psychological thriller focuses on the intricate emotions of its characters rather than grand-scale destruction.

The Prestige
The Prestige

The film garnered favorable feedback and raked in a staggering $109 million globally, surpassing its $40 million production cost. It even earned prestigious Academy Award nominations for its exceptional Art Direction and Cinematography.

Cast- Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine

6  ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008)

“The Dark Knight” stands out as a true cinematic phenomenon among a few. This film showcases the presence of a deranged criminal mastermind, the Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger in an award-winning performance. Additionally, it portrays the transformation of a once noble district attorney, Harvey Dent, into a disfigured and villainous character, played by Aaron Eckhart.

The Dark Knight

In 2020, the United States Library of Congress chose to preserve it in the National Film Registry. It shattered numerous box-office records, emerging as the top-grossing film of 2008 and the fourth-highest-grossing film at that time.

The Dark Knight garnered several posthumous accolades, including prestigious awards from the Academy, BAFTA, and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. This remarkable achievement marked the first time a comic book film received such esteemed recognition from the industry.

7  ‘Inception’ (2010)

Christopher Nolan, the renowned filmmaker, wrote and directed the captivating science fiction action film Inception in 2010. Alongside his wife, Emma Thomas, Nolan also took on the role of producer for this remarkable cinematic creation.


The film “Inception” received praise for its remarkably innovative and intricate plot, delving into the exploration of dreams within dreams. The movie’s complex layers and mind-boggling concepts fascinated viewers, igniting conversations and prompting multiple viewings to unravel its enigmas. Christopher Nolan, renowned for his visionary direction, particularly after the triumph of “The Dark Knight,” attracted audiences to “Inception.” Nolan’s distinct storytelling approach, coupled with his knack for seamlessly blending intellectual depth with popular appeal, generated great anticipation for the film.

At the 83rd Academy Awards, Inception secured four Oscars in categories including Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects. Additionally, it received nominations in four other categories, namely Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Art Direction, and Best Original Score.

Cast- Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Elliot Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy.

8  ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012)

“The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) marked the conclusion of the Batman trilogy, and it certainly lived up to the high standards set by its predecessors. With the brilliant performances of Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, the movie delved deeper into the storyline, captivating audiences worldwide and resulting in phenomenal box office success.

The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy brought new life to “The Dark Knight Rises” with their captivating performances as Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Bane, respectively. Hathaway’s portrayal of Catwoman added depth and intrigue to the story, injecting a sense of freshness into the narrative.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy concluded with the release of “The Dark Knight Rises,” which followed the success of “Batman Begins” (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008). The previous films had garnered immense popularity, leading to high anticipation and a dedicated fanbase for the final installment.

“The Dark Knight Rises” went on to achieve great financial success, grossing over $1 billion globally. This made it the second film in the Batman series to reach this milestone and the third highest-grossing film of 2012.

9  ‘Interstellar’ (2014)

The movie tells the story of a bunch of space explorers who journey through a wormhole close to Saturn in their quest to find a new planet for humanity. “Interstellar” offered a one-of-a-kind and daring plot that combined sci-fi elements with heartfelt storytelling. It delved into intricate ideas like time dilation, relativity, and the endurance of our species in a faraway galaxy. Nolan’s talent for crafting intricate narratives that resonate with a wide range of viewers only enhanced the movie’s allure.


Astronomers have praised its scientific accuracy and depiction of theoretical astrophysics, earning it recognition from multiple sources.

Interstellar received five nominations at the 87th Academy Awards and won the prestigious Best Visual Effects category. Additionally, it garnered numerous other accolades for its remarkable achievements.

Even today everyone wants to hear the background sound of the film.

10 ‘Dunkirk’ (2017)

The film “Dunkirk (2017)” has gained recognition for its unconventional storytelling technique, which intertwines three different timelines – land, sea, and air. This innovative approach offers a new and comprehensive outlook on the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the Dunkirk beaches during World War II.


Despite being categorized as a war film, “Dunkirk” stands out due to its distinctive narrative style and focus on human resilience. This aspect makes it appealing to a wide range of viewers, including those who may not typically be interested in historical dramas. By transcending the boundaries of the traditional war film genre, “Dunkirk” captivates audiences and provides a fresh perspective on this significant event.

Dunkirk garnered acclaim for its screenplay, direction, editing, musical score, sound design, and cinematography. Several critics hailed it as Christopher Nolan’s finest masterpiece and one of the most remarkable war films ever made.

The film secured eight nominations at the 90th Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, marking Nolan’s inaugural nomination for Best Director. Ultimately, it triumphed in the categories of Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing.

Cast- Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Cillian Murphy

11  ‘Tenet’ (2020)

The movie depicts the journey of a former CIA operative who is enlisted by a covert group to investigate the source of objects moving in reverse through time, as well as their link to a future-to-present assault.


Despite not reaching the break-even point, this film emerged as a significant milestone in Hollywood’s history. It became the first tent-pole release to grace theaters amidst the pandemic, garnering a remarkable $365 million globally against its $200 million budget. Surpassing expectations, it secured the fifth spot among the highest-grossing films of 2020.

Critics lauded the film, and its exceptional visual effects earned it a well-deserved victory in the Best Visual Effects category at the 93rd Academy Awards.

12  ‘Oppenheimer’ (2023)

Nolan’s reputation for creating exceptional films is well-known, and his latest masterpiece, ‘Oppenheimer’, showcases his best work. In this film titled ‘Who Leads the Manhattan Project’, Murphy takes on the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a renowned theoretical physicist. The epic narrative delves into Oppenheimer’s life and career, exploring his struggles in academia, his journey towards becoming the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” and the political challenges that haunted him throughout his life.


Despite the daunting task, Murphy exceeds all expectations with his skillful portrayal of the physicist’s complex character. He effectively captures Oppenheimer’s internal ethical dilemmas and the weight of guilt that follows. Every gaze, gesture, and intonation in Murphy’s remarkable performance is meticulously chosen to offer the audience a profound understanding of the true essence of the man behind the creation of the atomic bomb.

The movie amassed a staggering $955 million in global box office revenue, solidifying its position as the third highest-grossing film of 2023.

Received 81st Golden Globe Awards in Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and 2 more categories, as well as 13 nominations each at the British Academy Film Awards and the Academy Awards.

Christopher Nolan Movies in Order

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