12 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows (2024)

Here are Joey King Movies and TV Shows, With her charming character and beautiful smile, Joey King has managed to steal the hearts of audiences all across the world. She first gained popularity by her portrayal of “Ramona” in the comedy film Ramona and Beezus. Since then, she has just excelled incessantly in her career. This article here ranks her top 12 movies and TV shows in ascending order. We present to you the best of “Joey King Movies and TV shows”. Stay tuned!

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Joey King Movies and TV Shows

12. The Flash (2014-)

  • Director: Various
  • Duration: 9 seasons, 184 episodes
  • Cast: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Joey King
  • Type: Action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi

This TV show is based on the character of Barry Allen, a DC comic character. He is portrayed as a forensic scientist who gains the superpower of speed after lightning strikes him. While Joey King portrays a supporting character, Magenta, her role as a meta-human got applauds from audiences all over the world; making this series one of the best “Joey King Movies and TV shows”.

  • Where to watch: The CW, Netflix

11. Life in Pieces (2015-2019)

  •   Director: Various
  •   Duration: 4 seasons, 79 episodes
  •   Cast: Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, Colin Hanks, Betsy Brandt, Joey King
  •   Type: Family, Comedy

This sitcom is light-hearted and full of humor. It narrates the story of a short family, who face several troubles with each other in their daily life but are still loving to the core. The show is quite relatable and shows the ups and downs faced by every family in their day-to-day lives. Joey King plays the role of Morgan, the youngest child of the family, and is adorable. The series ranks 11th in this list of “Joey King Movies and TV shows”.

  •   Where to watch: VOD platforms

10. Ramona and Beezus (2010)

  • Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
  • Duration: 102 minutes
  • Cast: Selena Gomez, Joey King, John Corbett, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Gad
  • Type: Family, Comedy

This is the banger that made Joey King the talk of the town. The film is based on a popular children’s book series. Ramona, played by Joey King, is a mischievous little girl and is always musing in her imaginative world. The film shows the adventures of Ramona, with her elder sister, Beezus, portrayed by Selena Gomez. The film was the foundational step of Joey King concerning her rise in fame and hence, it is one of the best “Joey King movies and TV shows”.

  • Where to watch: VOD platforms

9. White House Down (2013)

  •   Director: Roland Emmerich
  •   Duration: 131 minutes
  •   Cast: Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Joey King, Jason Clarke
  •   Type: Thriller, Action

The story revolves around a disgraced police officer and his daughter who get trapped in the White House during a terrorist attack. The film is full of action with a hint of thrill and suspense. It ranks 9th in this list of best “Joey King Movies and TV shows”.

  •   Where to watch: VOD platforms

8. Going in Style (2017)

  •       Director: Zach Braff
  •       Duration: 99 minutes
  •       Cast: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Joey King, Matt Dillon
  •       Type: Crime, Comedy

This is yet another comic banger in Joey King’s collection. The movie narrates the story of three elderly friends who lose their pensions due to a corporate buyout. Things get hilarious when they try to rob a bank. As a supporting actress, Joey King has done her part quite well. It is one of her best movies.

  •       Where to watch: VOD platforms

7. Radium Girls (2019)

  •       Director: Lydia Dean Pilcher
  •       Duration: 105 minutes
  •       Cast: Kathryn Newton, Joey King, Molly Ringwald, Ed Harris
  •       Type: Drama, historical, biography

This movie is a biographical masterpiece and is based on a true story. The film is set in the 1920s and focuses on young women working in a radium-dial painting factory but unaware of its dark effects. Soon, they start suffering from the harmful effects of radiation poisoning. They start protesting against it all together and ultimately, demand justice. The movie is emotional with a lot of historical drama and ranks 7th in this list of best “Joey King Movies and TV shows”.

  •       Where to watch: VOD platforms

6. The Conjuring (2013)

  •   Director: James Wan
  •   Duration: 112 minutes
  •   Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, Joey King
  •   Type: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The Conjuring is one of the best horror film series in the history of cinema. The movie is based on a true story. Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, help a family that is being tormented by evil spirits. Joey King plays the role of one of their daughters and is excellent in her character. This movie is one of the best out there when it comes to the horror genre.

  •   Where to watch: Netflix

5. Fargo (Season 1)

  • Director: Various
  • Duration: 1 season, 10 episodes
  • Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, Joey King
  • Type: Crime, anthology, drama

This anthology series is based on a hitman who arrives in Minnesota and afterward, becomes the cause of some troubling events related to a small family, a police officer, and a group of criminals. Joey King’s role is of a young girl who is a witness to a key event. This show ranks 5th in this list of the top 12 “Joey King movies and TV shows”.

  • Where to watch: Hulu, FX on Hulu

4. The Kissing Booth Trilogy (2018, 2020, 2021)

  •       Director: Vince Marcello
  •       Duration: Part 1- 104 minutes, part 2- 121 minutes and part 3- 113 minutes
  •       Cast: Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, Molly Ringwald
  •       Type: Romance, Comedy, teen

This coming-of-age rom-com was a tremendous hit on Netflix. The trilogy is based on Elle Evans, played by Joey King, who along with her best friend, played by Joel Courtney, opens up a Kissing Booth at a school charity event. Things get tense when she falls for her best friend’s brother, Noah Flynn, played by Jacob Elordi.

  •       Where to watch: Netflix

3. Bullet Train (2022)

  •       Director: David Leitch
  •       Duration: 126 minutes
  •       Cast: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Sandra Bullock
  •       Type: Action, thriller, comedy

This action film narrates the story of five assassins who board the same bullet train in the country of Japan. Initially, they seem to have different motives, only to discover later that all their missions are intertwined. This movie ranks 3rd in the list of best “Joey King movies and TV shows”.

  •       Where to watch: VOD platforms

2. The Princess (2022)

  •   Director: Le-Van Kiet
  •   Duration: 101 minutes
  •   Cast: Joey King, Veronica Ngo, Dominic Cooper, Olga Kurylenko
  •   Type: Action, fantasy, adventure

This fantasy film portrays the story of a warrior princess who is against marriage and resists a psychopath whose ultimate goal is to take over her throne right after marrying her. Joey King stars as the leading protagonist in the movie and has done her part gracefully. This movie ranks 2nd in the list of the best “Joey King Movies and TV shows”.

  •   Where to watch: Hulu

1. The Act (2019)

  •       Director: Nick McCarthy
  •       Duration: 1 season, 8 episodes
  •       Cast: Joey King, Patricia Arquette, Calum Worthy, AnnaSophia Robb
  •       Type: Crime, drama

This mini-series is based on the true story of Gypsy Blanchard and Dee Dee Blanchard. The series shows a twisted relationship between an ill-teenager daughter and an overprotective mother. As the story progresses, dark secrets and twisted lies are revealed. This movie ranks number 1 in the list of the top 12 “Joey King movies and TV shows”. The mini-series received good reviews from the audience.

  •       Where to watch: Hulu



As an actress, Joey King has been tremendously successful and has given many art pieces to the Cinema all over the world. She has set her mark in the industry and has been shining ever so brightly since her first successful movie. If you are a Joey King fan, this article is a must for you to delve deep into her acting journey via her various masterpieces. Give it a go, right now!


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