12 Best Alba Flores movies and TV shows

Fiercely holding her very throne and captivating the audience globally is a stunning and extremely talented Spanish actress- Alba Flores. As many might be aware, she is the granddaughter of legendary flamenco singer Lola Flores which is why, acting runs in her blood. Apart from acting, Alba also deeply loves singing and dancing. To call her just an actress is extremely unfair when she is a captivating force that has been dragging the audience towards her by giving the most iconic performances.

 Alba Flores Movies and TV shows

This article discusses the 12 best of Alba Flores movies and TV shows from the lowest to the highest ratings as per critics and audience.

 Alba Flores Movies and TV shows

12. Love & Revolution (2023)

  • Director: Alejandro Marín
  • Duration: 1 hour and 46 minutes
  • Cast: Ana Wagener, Alba Flores, Omar Banana and others
  • Type: Comedy/drama

This Spanish dramedy is set in 1960 Spain and narrates the story of Reme, played by Ana Wagener, who is a widowed tailor living with her son, Miguel, played by Omar, who has high hopes and savors bug dreams of becoming a singer. Their lives completely change when Lole, played by Alba Flores, a fiery Flamenco singer enters the scene. The film overall received applause from the audience and hence, made its way to the top 12 Alba Flores movies and TV shows.

  • Where to watch: Not available on mainstream OTT, but can be rented or bought from a nearby DVD store.

11. Malegro verte (2023) A Glimpse of Reconnection

  •       Director: Nüll García
  •       Duration: 10 minutes
  •       Cast: Alba Flores, Nüll García
  •       Type: Drama

The title of this short film “Malegro verte” translates to “Seeing You Hurt”. The movie narrative is about two females reconnecting with each other after a long time and shows the bittersweetness of their relationship, the unresolved issues, and their past together.

  •       Where to watch: Often features at film festivals and independent screenings.

10. Vis a Vis: El Oasis (2020)

  •       Director: Jesús Colmenar
  •       Duration: 4 seasons with 8 episodes each (approximately 45 minutes for each episode)
  •       Cast: Maggie Civantos, Najwa Nimri, Castro, Alba Flores (guest appearance)
  •       Type: Crime, drama, thriller

This TV show is a spin-off to the original series “Vis a Vis” and follows up the story after several years of Macarena and Zulema’s release from prison. Although they are trying to seek a fresh start by opening an Oasis resort, their past doesn’t leave them alone and catches up with them until they become engaged in troublesome activities. The show portrays their fight against the hidden secrets and dangerous past just for the sole purpose of survival.

  •       Where to watch: Available on Netflix.

9. Queer You Are (2021)

  •       Director: Mabel Díaz
  •       Duration: 8 episodes with a run-time of 50 minutes each
  •       Cast: Daniela Vega, Gala Mercedes, Alberto Velasco, Alba Flores (guest star)
  •       Type: Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+

This series features Alba Flores as a guest star. The plot revolves around a trans female, Maca, who starts dating Paula. She is still seeking answers about her biological father and is deeply immersed in that. The story shows various themes of self-love, self-acceptance, relationships, family, and LGBTQ+ identities along with a deep notion of humor and lovable moments which make this series the 9th one in this list of Alba Flore’s best movies and TV shows.

  •       Where to watch: Atresplayer Premium (In Spain), internationally the series is not available on any big OTT platform.

8. Cuéntame cómo pasó (2001-2023)

  •       Director: Manuel Iborra, Antonio Mercero, Fernando Colombo
  •       Duration: Approximately 390 episodes with a run-time of 60 minutes each spread across 22 seasons
  •       Cast: Imanol Arias, Ana Duato, Alba Flores
  •       Type: Historical, comedy, drama, family

This series explores the evolution of Spain in several aspects social, political, and economic starting from the 1960s. Alba plays the role of La Chelo in various episodes of this TV show. This series also shows the struggles of oneself during the revolutionary changes in Spain. The show is a perfect blend of dramedy, and history for a perfect family time and hence, reserves its spot for one of the best Alba Flores movies and TV shows.

  •       Where to watch: Atresplayer Premium, HBO Max Spain, VOD platforms.

7. El Calentito (2005)

  • Director: Chus Gutiérrez
  • Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes
  • Cast: Juan Sanz, Macarena Gómez, Alba Flores
  • Type: Comedy, Musical

An already struggling rock band, Los Chichos, lost their lead singer, and that too, just before an important gig. A flamenco dancer is desperately added to their group, but things get hilarious and troublesome when she cannot understand the band’s music style. The film has an ongoing chaotic atmosphere and plenty of humor. It was the first movie that featured Alba Flores, though in a supporting role. It makes its way into this list as one of the best Alba Flores movies and TV shows.

  • Where to watch: VOD platforms.

6. Vicente Ferrer (2013)

  •       Director: Vicente Ferrer Foundation
  •       Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  •       Cast: Aina Clotet, Daniel Guzman, Clara Segura, Alba Flores
  •       Type: Biography, drama

This biographical drama is based on the life of Father Vicente Ferrer who continues his legacy of service in India via his Vicente Ferrer Foundation. The film shows the narrative of providing healthcare, education, and resources for the underprivileged.

  •       Where to watch: VOD platforms.

5. The Memory of Water (2015)

  • Director: Matías Bize
  • Duration: 84 minutes
  • Cast: Elena Anaya, Antonia Zegers, Alba Flores
  • Type: Romance, Drama

The movie portrays the story of a couple who have lost their son in a tragic death and their relationship has completely shattered because of the very reason. They are grieving in their ways and are miserable until they try to come together to re-establish their relationship. They realize that only love isn’t enough to save their relationship from its doom.

  • Where to watch: Amazon Prime (US), Google Play, YouTube, Apple TV and Vudu.

 4. The Time in Between (2013-2014)

  • Director: Various directors
  • Duration: 17 episodes with a run-time of 70 minutes each (approximately)
  • Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Alba Flores, Peter Vives
  • Type: Period drama, serial, romantic, spy drama

The series is set in 1934 Spain and revolves around a young dressmaker who, because of the civil war, opens a dress shop in Morocco. She faces a lot of troubles and gets entangled in the world of in a world of danger, secrets, and romance.

  • Where to watch: VOD platforms, OTT platforms (according to the region)

3. 03. Holy Family (2022-2023)

  •   Director: Manolo Caro
  •   Duration: 2 seasons, 8 episodes each with 45 minutes run-time approximately
  •   Cast: Alba Flores, Najwa Nimri, Álex García
  •   Type: Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Two identical twins are separated at the time of their birth and subsequently, live two completely different lives. One grows in her luxury wealthy family while the other is raised in an orphanage. Their paths collide and they uncover secrets about their wealthy family. The themes of wealth, secrets, the dark side of wealth, and identity provide a hot spot in this list of best of Alba Flores Movies and TV shows.

  •   Where to watch: Netflix.

2. Vis a Vis (2015-2019)

  •   Director: Various directors
  •   Duration: 4 seasons, 8 episodes each with approximately 50 minutes run-time
  •   Cast: Maggie Civantos, Najwa Nimri, Alba Flores
  •   Type: Crime, thriller, drama, prison

The series portrays the story of a young woman who is framed for embezzlement and finds herself in prison. She tries her level best to survive there and meets a diverse cast of characters. The show is based on the themes of friendship, corruption, power, and redemption, leading this show to be the second most popular Alba Flores TV show.

  •   Where to watch: Netflix and other platforms (depending on the region)

1. Money Heist (2017-2021)

  •       Director: Álex Pina
  •       Duration: 5 seasons with varying episode numbers and lengths
  •       Cast: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Alba Flores and more
  •       Type: Crime, drama, thriller, heist

This Spanish global phenomenon broke many records and is super popular all over the world. This show is the reason for the much-needed recognition that Alba Flores got. The show narrates the story of a brilliant mastermind criminal, the professor, who gathers a team of 8 to pull off a big heist. The show has kept the audience engaged from the time it nearly started and no doubt tops the list of best Alba Flores movies and TV shows.

  •       Where to watch: Netflix (globally)



Alba Flores has had an incredible journey throughout as an outstanding actress and also a singing and dancing enthusiast. Certainly, her career is at its peak, and from here, she will only shine brighter. This article ranks some of the best Alba Flores movies and TV shows and is helpful if you want to catch up on some of her masterpieces.


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