Best 12 Omar Sy Movies and TV shows

When it comes to French cinema, the name that quickly strikes our mind is ‘Omar Sy’. here are Omar Sy Movies and TV shows. Omar Sy is a French black actor who has made some notable contributions to the world of filmdom and is extremely popular worldwide for his talent and of course, his charming looks. Not only is he good-looking, but he also became the first-ever black actor to receive the ‘Caesar Award’ and made history.

Omar Sy Movies and TV shows

His career skyrocketed after the French film “Intouchables” and he has been utterly unstoppable since then. Although he first became known for his notable comedy chops, Omar has been versatile and has succeeded in entertaining the audience with his serious acting skills. His vast popularity and acting career make it almost impossible to narrow it down to acknowledging a few of his movies and TV shows.

But not to worry, this article is going to provide you with the best ones of his work which are critically acclaimed and are good to be the ones you start your ‘Omar Sy journey’ with.

Best 12 Omar Sy Movies and TV Shows

This article will illuminate some of Omar Sy’s greatest achievements in the cinematic world. Brace yourself as we are about to delve deep and sail on this ship i.e. Omar Sy and his contribution to cineplexes all over the world in ascending order.

12 Micmacs (2009)

  • Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  • Duration: 1 hour and 48 minutes
  • Cast: Dany Boon, Yolande, Moreau, Omar Sy
  • Type: Quirky French heist comedy

The original French movie title loosely translates to “Non-stop shenanigans”. As the name suggests, the movie consists of a huge cast with a lot happening around. Omar Sy plays the role of Remington, a former ethnographer from Africa. Remington adds his unique perspective and his way of speaking to the group and its antics. 

The actor was praised for his charisma and comic aura throughout the film. Surely, his role added a cherry on top to this comedy masterpiece.

 11 Mood Indigo (2013)

Mood Indigo
Mood Indigo
  •     Directed by: Michel Gondry
  •     Duration: 2 hours and 11 minutes (original European cut), 1 hour and 34 minutes (US Drafthouse cuts)
  •     Cast: Audrey Tautou, Michel Gondry, Romain Duris, Omar Sy
  •     Type: Rom-com

Mood Indigo was a 2013 romantic-comedy superhit. It starts with the typical plot of a guy falling in love with a girl he met at a party but paces up with unusual comic events. Omar Sy plays a supporting role in this rom-com. He features as Nicolas and is a close friend to the protagonists of the film, Colin and Chloé. His character, who is a wealthy inventor, comes up with eccentric and strange equipment that does not work most of the time. All-in-all, he adds a great sense of humor and ultimately contributes to the success of the movie.

10 Samba (2014)

  •     Directed by: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
  •     Duration: 1 hour and 58 minutes
  •     Cast: Omar Sy, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Tahar Rahim
  •     Type: Rom-com, drama

Samba is a light-hearted romantic comedy-drama film that revolves around the male protagonist Samba played by Omar Sy. Samba is shown as an African migrant who has worked in France for a tenure of 10 years.

The movie takes a turn when the character is detained and legally asked to leave the country. Omar Sy carries the whole movie on his shoulders along with Charlotte who plays the role of Alice. There is confusion and humor throughout the movie. It is perfect for big laughs with a hint of emotional drama.

9 Lupin (2021)

  •     Directed by: Season 1 (first three episodes) by Louis Leterrier
  •      Season 1 (last two episodes) by Marcela Said
  •      Season 2 (first three episodes) by Ludovic Bernard
  •      Season 2 (last two episodes) by Hugo Gélin
  •      Season 3 by Daniel Grou
  •     Duration: Three seasons consisting of five episodes each, per episode usually 45 minutes approximately.
  •     Cast: Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Soufiane Guerrab
  •     Type: Mystery and thriller

Lupin is a Netflix original mystery thriller series that stars Omar Sy as the male protagonist. Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy, seeks revenge for the injustice done against his father 25 years ago by a well-to-do family. With his exceptional expertise and charisma, he becomes successful in plotting several heists against the said family.

Omar Sy is truly exceptional in his performance in Lupin. Renowned for rather comic roles, he didn’t leave any stone unturned while performing in this thriller series. Undoubtedly, Lupin is one of his many great performances.

 8 Two is a family (2016)

Two is a family
Two is a family
  •       Directed by: Hugo Gélin
  •       Duration: 1 hour and 58 minutes
  •       Cast: Omar Sy, Clémence Poésy
  •       Type: Comedy, drama

This French Comedy-drama stars Omar Sy in the lead role and is a different approach to the usual career of Omar Sy. Samuel, played by Omar Sy, is shown as a carefree man living his life and partying to the core. He is startled when somehow his one-night-stand ends up being pregnant and ultimately, he has to experience the realm of fatherhood.

This cinematic masterpiece meets both ends of comedy and emotional engagement. Omar Sy has portrayed the character of the male lead role in the best possible way.

7 Burnt (2015)

  •   Directed by: John Wells
  •   Duration: 1 hour and 41 minutes
  •   Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Rose Miller, Omar Sy
  •   Type: Drama

Burnt is an English drama film that features Bradley Cooper as the male protagonist. Omar Sy plays a supporting role in this film alongside Bradley and Sienna. Michel, played by Omar Sy, is a member of a team led by Adam, played by Bradley Cooper. Even though the character is on the side, Omar plays a significant role in the film and has a huge impact on the overall performance of the movie by deciding the fate of the male lead.

6 Jurassic World (2015)

Jurassic World
Jurassic World
  •       Directed by: Colin Trevorrow
  •       Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes
  •       Cast: Chris Patt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy
  •       Type: Sci-fi, action, adventure

This 2015 adventure film was a global blockbuster starring Chris Patt in the male lead role and Bryce Dallas Howard in the female lead role. Omar Sy plays a supporting yet significant role in this movie.

He plays the role of Barry who is a loyal raptor trainer for the male protagonist and is highly skilled in controlling and understanding them.

5 The Call of The Wild (2020)

The Call of The Wild
The Call of The Wild
  •   Directed by: Chris Sanders
  •   Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  •   Cast: Harrison Ford, Omar Sy, Cara Gee
  •   Type: Adventure, drama

The Call of the Wild is an American adventure and drama film describing the story of a lovely, calm, and gentle Bernese Mountain dog namely Buck. In the movie, Omar Sy portrays the role of Perrault, a French-Canadian mail carrier. Initially, he is not assumed by the likes of Buck, but later takes a turn for good.

He is changed with enormous love and compassion. Omar Sy has acted pretty well in this American story and has certainly raised the standards of dog-lover films. This film is also listed in the 76 greatest dog movies of all time.

 4 Chocolat (2016)

  •   Directed by: Roschdy Zem
  •   Duration: 1 hour and 59 minutes
  •   Cast: Omar Sy, James Thiérrée
  •   Type: Drama

This movie was a classic French blockbuster that beautifully portrays tons of emotions in a single run. Rafael Padilla, played by Omar Sy, is a slave. Omar Sy displays a beautiful and nuanced portrayal of the first notable Black artist in French theater. This movie was able to capture the heart of the audience and earned much respect all over the world.

3 X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men Days of Future Past
X-Men Days of Future Past
  •   Directed by: Bryan Singer
  •   Duration: 2 hours and 12 minutes, 2 hours and 26 minutes (extended cut)
  •   Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Omar Sy
  •   Type: Superhero, sci-fi, action, drama, thriller, adventure

This classic American sci-fi and action movie gained a large audience with positive reviews and comments. Omar Sy starred as The Bishop in this movie and took the audience through quite a journey. He was praised for his charismatic role. He believably portrayed the seasoned warrior and brought enormous depth and gravity to the character.

2 The Takedown (2022)

The Takedown
The Takedown
  •   Directed by: Louis Leterrier
  •   Duration: 1 hour and 59 minutes
  •   Cast: Omar Sy, Laurent Lafitte
  •   Type: Action, Comedy

The Takedown is a French action-comedy film which was released in the year 2022. Omar Sy stars as the lead male protagonist alongside Laurent Lafitte. Omar portrays the character of Ousmane, a police officer who is quick in his wits. There is an ongoing investigation and the movie is filled with action and humor.

1 The Intouchables (2011)

The Intouchables
The Intouchables
  •       Directed by: Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano
  •       Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes
  •       Cast: Omar Sy, Audrey Fleurot, Clotilde Mollet
  •       Type: Comedy, drama

Undoubtedly, Intouchables holds the spot for the number 1 movie in the career of Omar Sy. This is a French Comedy-drama film which has been nominated for several awards. Omar Sy plays the role of Driss, who is a young immigrant hired by a French Nobleman. His portrayal of the role was truly commendable and honest.

Omar Sy Movies and TV shows

 Conclusion: Omar Sy has a great career in acting and cinema. He has given a treasure of some of the best movies to the world and has always excelled in his work. Be it a comedy or an action thriller, he sure has the virtue of blending himself in the role and making the best out of it. One can watch his movies on a gloomy day for a burst of quick laughter or on a dull day for some great action.

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