Top 10 Best Liam Neeson Movies (2024)

Top 10 Best Liam Neeson Movies examines a wide range of talents via his roles in challenging plays, thought-provoking biopics, and exhilarating thrillers. Neeson is known for his tremendous psychological depth and explosive action-hero abilities. He will be remembered worldwide for his charm and ability to play several personalities.

Best Liam Neeson Movies


Liam Neeson is recognized for playing several parts in various movies. His outstanding screen presence earned him this award. The success of Liam Neeson’s acting career indicates his versatility. In historical dramas and action flicks, he has made ground-breaking performances.

Best Liam Neeson Movies

10  Kinsey (2004)

  • Directed By: Bill Condon
  • Duration: 1hr 58 min.
  • Cast: Chris O’Donnell, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney.
  • Type: Biographical, Drama, Romance.

The historical drama Kinsey is fascinating. Famous professor and sexologist Alfred Charles Kinsey is the subject. Liam Neeson as fearless pioneer Kinsey, who fought for sex education programs. His extensive research resulted in the release of one of the earliest scholarly papers on the forbidden issue.

The charismatic actor was praised for capturing Kinsey’s strengths and weaknesses. Even though he portrayed the contentious role admirably. Besides appearing on numerous top ten lists at the end of the year, Liam Neeson was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Kinsey.

9  Ordinary Love (2020)

  • Directed By: Lisa Barros D’Sa, Glenn Leyburn.
  • Duration: 1hr 32m.
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Lesley Manville, Esh Alladi.
  • Type: Drama, Romance.
Ordinary Love
Ordinary Love

Tomás (Liam Neeson) and Joan (Lesley Manville), married, are struggling with Joan’s breast cancer diagnosis. The film Ordinary Love chronicles their struggle. Though it seems monotonous and like a planned medical drama, the narrative is everything but. Ordinary Love’s heart and focus on relationships make it engaging, even if it’s not the most realistic narrative ever written.

In the film, Neeson depicts how a guy struggling with a loved one’s disease crumbles. Great reviews for the film. People who view the film experience the emotional roller coaster of cancer diagnosis and treatment. It may be frightening to watch that, but seeing average couples’ love, struggle, and humanity throughout bad times is worth it.

8 Honest Thief (2020)

  • Directed By: Mark Williams.
  • Duration: 1hr 39m.
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney.
  • Type: Action, Crime, Drama.
Honest Thief
Honest Thief

Liam Neeson debates the FBI in Honest Thief. Liam Neeson plays federally sought bank robber Tom Dolan. The arresting cops lie to him after he strikes an FBI agreement. When caught, police want his concealed money.

Dolan valued violating and getting away with the law more than generating money. A Neeson action film with fights, auto racing, and surprise explosions will be successful. Undoubtedly, the veteran actor will win all these films. Reviewers agreed that Neeson carried the film

7 The Marksman (2021)

  • Directed By: Robert Lorenz.
  • Duration: 1hr 48 min.
  • Cast: Katheryn Winnick, Teresa Ruiz, Liam Neeson.
  • Type: Action, Thriller, Drama.
The Marksman
The Marksman

Action-thriller The Marksman pits rancher Jim Hanson against a Mexican gang. This is one of Neeson’s latest and most political films. Jim, a Marine retiree, protects the boy from gang sicarios. After Jim contacts the border police, things worsen, and he must acknowledge his damage.

He brings the child back to Chicago to live with his family. However, The Marksman is a terrible tale of corruption, failure, and salvation. Neeson’s action roles often feature a peaceful farmer who becomes a ruthless guardian willing to die for justice. Neeson excels here most of the time.

6 Taken (2008)

  • Directed By: Pierre Morel.
  • Duration: 1hr 30m.
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen.
  • Type: Action, Thriller, Drama.

You’ve probably heard the “I will find you” speech Liam Neeson offers in this movie or heard it from friends, acquaintances, or pop culture. In Taken, Liam Neeson portrays a guy with unusual talents. He is on a solo killing spree to escape and rescue his daughter. This film made Neeson a top action performer and led to two blockbuster sequels.

This film also gained Liam Neeson parts in action films, including The Commuter, Unknown, and Non-Stop. Despite this, this movie is still the greatest of the three. Because Neeson had hidden his physical talent, nasty voice, and tremendous wrath from fans. The series’ retribution approach was novel and intriguing.

5 Batman Begins (2005)

  • Directed By: Christopher Nolan.
  • Duration: 2h 20m.
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, Michael Caine.
  • Type: Drama, Action, Crime.
Batman Begins
Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy begins here. Batman Begins is a dark, unique superhero film. Later films in the genre tried the same thing. Liam Neeson played DC Comics villain Ra’s al Ghul with melancholy and slyness.

Throughout the film, Bruce Wayne’s younger self is frightened by Neeson’s look. Fighting and delivering snappy one-liners are Neeson’s acting strengths. For youngsters who knew Neeson from Qui-Gon Jinn, learning he was the movie’s primary lousy guy should have been the biggest surprise.

4 The Ice Road (2021)

  • Directed By: Jonathan Hensleigh.
  • Duration: 1hr 49m.
  • Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Marcus Thomas, Liam Neeson.
  • Type: Action, Drama, Thriller.
The Ice Road
The Ice Road

A scary movie about ice road truck drivers appeared inevitable because a famous TV program has been about them. The fact that Neeson will lead the project pleased fans and reviewers. This novel is about an ice driver who devises a wild rescue plan for workers when a diamond mine collapses in northern Canada. This narrative centers on an ice driver.

Neeson must traverse a frozen ocean to help miners trapped in the accident. After the water thaws, he must accomplish this while conscious that dishonest insurance company staff may be closing in. Interestingly, Neeson portrays a quiet, focused man with PTSD and stuttering. Netflix bought the film’s rights for $18 million. The remake of Wages of Fear is slick and terrifying.

 3 The Grey (2012)

  • Directed By: Joe Carnahan.
  • Duration: 1hr 57m.
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo.
  • Type: Action, Adventure, Drama
The Grey
The Grey

Despite Liam Neeson battling polar bears, it’s a sad film about mortality and life’s shortness. Many consider Neeson’s action film “The Grey” his greatest. The filming circumstances were as horrific as the animals’ torture of victims. The actors, cameras, and crew were freezing throughout the seven-hour-a-night filming at -35 degrees. Despite this, Neeson performed well.

He sings “Once more into the fray,” the film’s anthem, with exciting enthusiasm. My last war is about to begin. It would help if you died today. Choose life or death now. The Grey can be a superb action and touching film about despair and grief. Despite this, it gives individuals shivers like Alaska’s sub-zero tundra.

2 Silence (2016)

  • Directed By: Martin Scorsese.
  • Duration: 2h 41m.
  • Cast: Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield.
  • Type: Historical Drama.

Jesuit priests from the 17th century go to Japan to rescue their teacher, portrayed by Liam Neeson, with Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver. The true-story film Silence runs 159 minutes. After Gangs of New York, this is Neeson’s second Martin Scorsese film. Neeson acts quietly.

Scorsese warns against preachers crossing borders via his character, who became a Buddhist and took over a Japanese family from dead Japanese Christian men because Japanese people have never needed saving.

Silence may convey religious subjects’ beauty and anguish. Sadly, religious activity occasionally intersects with nationalism and colonialism. Silence illustrates this. Neeson is virtually mythical in this film. Filming caused him to lose nearly twenty pounds, which was difficult.

His last movie performance shows his success. Though not his most renowned film, Scorsese has worked on Silence for 30 years. He picked Liam Neeson to play a significant part in the film to demonstrate his dedication.

 1 Schindler’s List (1993)

  • Directed By: Steven Spielberg.
  • Duration: 3h 15m.
  • Cast: Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson.
  • Type: Historical Drama, Biographical.
Schindler's List
Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List popularised Liam Neeson. Steven Spielberg’s most excellent and renowned film is based on Oskar Schindler’s life. The film depicts Schindler’s tight friendship with the SS Nazis, his decision to rescue as many Jews as possible, and his success in preventing Brunnlitz Jews from being sent to Auschwitz.

It illustrates how he founded an enamelware firm that recruited Jews to avoid extermination camps. Spielberg selected black, white, and red to accentuate Schindler’s change of heart, which Neeson performs beautifully. His quiet voice and modest facial motions reveal Neeson’s character has no ideal values.

Best Liam Neeson Movies

Liam Neeson’s career indicates that he can readily switch genres, having a lasting impression on acting. Neeson has grabbed audiences worldwide with his forceful presence and diverse acting skills in violent dramas and compelling thrillers. This Top 10 Best Liam Neeson Movies made him a tremendous movie star because of his engaging screen charisma and ability to give characters depth and nuance.

Beyond Hollywood’s glitter, Neeson’s passion for his art is evident in his poignant and action-packed performances, which captivate audiences intellectually and emotionally. The ability to bridge genres and produce memorable performances for all ages and groups has made Liam Neeson a successful performer.

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