Top 10 Best Chris Tucker movies (2024)

Chris Tucker was born on 31 August 1971. He is an American actor and a comedian. Here are the Best Chris Tucker Movies for you. He made his Debut in 1992 as a stand-up performer in the HBO series. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top 10 best Chris Tucker movies.

Top 10 Best Chris Tucker movies

 Best Chris Tucker movies

Best Chris Tucker movies

1. Rush Hour (1998)

  • Director– Brett Ratner                                         
  • Duration – 1h 38m
  • Cast – Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Tzi Ma, Tom Wilkinson
Rush Hour
Rush Hour

This is one of the top 10 best films by Chris Tucker. Rush Hour is a comedy film. This movie starts with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan playing the role of police who were assigned to rescue a Chinese diplomat’s kidnapped daughter.

The movie succeeded and led to 3 sequels of Rush Hour. The movie’s main idea is a loyal and dedicated inspector who recklessly works to complete their job. The inspector rescues the daughter and tries to catch the criminal.

2. Dead Presidents (1995)

  • Directed by – Albert Hughes
  • Duration – 1h 59m
  • Cast – Chris Tucker, Larenz Tate, Keith David
Dead Presidents
Dead Presidents

This film focuses on the life of Anthony Curtis (Larenz Tate) who experiences his teenage years during high school. During the war, he returns to his hometown where he finds himself struggling for support hence eventually leads him to a life of crime.

Its main idea is how the teenage phase gives choices to them and how it affects their life. It is a story about how he went to college but had to fight a war.

3. Money talks(1997)

  • Directed by – Brett Ratner
  • Duration -1h 36m
  • Cast– Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen
Money talks
Money talks

Chris Tucker plays the role of a worker who works as a conman and ticket scalper. The story plots as the reporter James (Charlie Sheen) brings Crook Franklin to the court for justice. When Franklin was taken to the jail suddenly he unwittingly got stuck into the prison break.

The police misunderstood Franklin thinking that he had killed many of the officers so Franklin rushed to the journalist James for help. The journalist thought that he got the lifetime story but unfortunately, things didn’t go smoothly and both of them found themselves in trouble.

4. Rush hour 3 (2007)

  • Directed by – Brett Ratner
  • Duration – 1h 31m
  • Cast– Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan
Rush hour 3
Rush hour 3

When the assassination occurred it led to the reunion of Lee and Carter  This is the 3rd part of the sequel of the series Rush Hour.

The movie revolves around Inspector Lee (Chan) and Officer (Tucker) finding the killer to unravel the mystery of Chinese triads as they find the envelope that indicates a crime lord.

5. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

  • Directed by – David O Russell
  • Duration – 2h 2m
  • Cast– Chris Tucker, Anupam Kher, Bradley Cooper, Jackie Weaver
Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook

This is a story of a man and his parent’s tragic moments. Pat Solanto (Bradley Cooper) lost his wife and his job and spent time in a mental institution. After this, he wants to wind up his life with his parents restart his life, and reunite with his wife. Things get complicated as Pat meets Tiffany. During his problems, he faces mental illness, and having the mental illness leads him to not being a normal person.

The film speaks about the vulnerability of people. The main idea of the film is that though life has tough times, everything in this world has a silver lining and will help you to overcome it.

6. The Fifth Element (1997)

  • Directed by – Luc Besson
  • Duration – 2h 6m
  • Cast – Chris Tucker, Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich
The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element

This picture is a unit blend of visual characters, comedy, action, and friction. This is set in the 23rd century. This is a frictional movie that plots the survival of the Earth which becomes the responsibility of Korben Dallas(Willis).

So he needs to combine with more elements that are other persons to save the earth from destruction. To complete his purpose Dallas joins the forces to protect the Earth overcome the problems and defend Earth against the attacks. These five elements work together to save humanity.

7. Jackie Brown (1997)

  • Directed by – Quentin Tarantino
  • Duration – 2h 34m
  • Cast– Chris Tucker, Pam Grier, Robert Forster.
Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown

This is an American crime movie based on the 1992 novel Rum Punch. Brown (Pam) is caught smuggling money from Mexico to the US for her boss Ordell Robbie, Ray Nichollet. Now he has two choices: either spend time in jail for the silence or death for their corporation.

So Brown decided to double-cross with both parties and run off with the snuggled money. Further, the story continues as Robert Forster helps her because he loves her.

8. Friday (1995)

  • Directed by – Gray Gray
  • Duration – 1h 31m
  • Cast – Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Ice Cube, Anna Maria Horsford

This movie starts on a Friday and Craig Jones ( Ice Cube) is caught stealing boxes and is fired, over the worse his rent is due.

This mobile revolves around only one Friday. He hates his girlfriend for being overbearing. He asks his best friend Smokey who drugs all day and asks

Craig to join him. As time passed, Chairg and his friend spent urban life experiencing Singh many unbelievable things on this Friday.

9. House Party 3 (1994)

  • Directed by – Eric Meza
  • Duration– 1h 40m
  • Cast– Chris Tucker, Kin ‘n Play, Bernie Mac, TlL
House Party 3
House Party 3

House Party 3 is a comedy movie. The movie starts as Play and Kid are growing up. Kid is marrying his girlfriend and Play is trying to survive in the music business. They face several problems and hurdles in this process.

10. Panther (1995)

  • Directed by – Mario Van Peebles
  • Duration– 2h 4m
  • Cast – Chris Tucker, Kadeem Hardison, Bokeem Woodbine, Joe Don Baker

Panther is a cinematic version of the novel Panther. The movie portrays the Black Panther party for self-defense. Studies the organization from its start to its end.

 Here we notice that the collaboration of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan has given us some of the most entertaining films. Chris Tucker mostly gave the action comedy films.

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